Do Something: Preserving Recipes Through Zine-Making

My proccess in Zine-Making and Translating

My What and Why

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Good, home cooked meals that preserve my culture are extremely important to me. I decided to choose recipe zine-making as my Do Something because all of my Nonna's rcipes are very tattered and written solely in Italian. With half of my family living in Italy and half in America, I thought that by translating and making ittle books to give out to family members we can keep Nonna's recipes in the family and have updated translations of all of them.

My Ignite Talk

My Survey Data

In my first picture of data, you can see that 33.33% of my family members voted for Arancini as their favorite food and 33.33% voted for Lasagna, giving us a tie between those two foods as their favorites of Nonna's. I was shocked to see that 0% of family members voted for meatballs.

In this next picture, 55.6% said that they attempted to cook WITHOUT her recipe, and 44.4% said that they did not.

This image features the statistics to the question of how hard it was to recreate a meal without her recipe, reflected on a 1-10 scale, 1 being the easiest and 10 being the hardest. 55.6% (5 people) chose 10 for their answer, and one person said it was an easy 1.

This next set of data is the answer to if they would like a book of her recipes - it was a unanimous 100%.

This was my last question: how many times a day do you think about Nonna's food? I had many mixed answers to this one: 44.4% said 2-9, 11.1% said 10+, and there was a tie at 22.2% for both 0-1 and the it's all i ever think about categories.

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